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FUSA Dental is a Verified Vendor for the US Government. Led by CEO Lothar Mohr, FUSA Dental has been designing, manufacturing and installing high quality dental furniture in dental offices and laboratories all over the USA. The company works with Government clients to transform their dental offices and laboratories into highly modern, efficient and productive work environments. FUSA Dental takes great pride in converting even the smallest work area into a highly ergonomic, functional work space.

Our philosophy is not to put as many workbenches into a DDS dental laboratory as possible. Rather, we create an environment where technicians are comfortable. Ergonomic work environments translate into fewer sick leaves. Technicians that enjoy spending time in their laboratory will work smarter and with greater efficiency – in other words, with greater productivity.

By working with hundreds of clinicians, Federal Government workers and other dental field employees, we have gained considerable knowledge on how to design and build the best workstations for modern dental laboratories. Over the years we have listened to opinions and gathered observations from lab owners, occupational physicians, lecturers and technicians themselves. FUSA Dental has a unique perspective on what it means to deliver high quality, lasting and highly sought after products for dental labs.

Besides superior ergonomic design, our workstation designs have the highest levels of engineering, durability, solidity and craftsmanship – which makes our products ideal for use in government owned or managed facilities. Further, we deliver these high quality work environments at an affordable price, which means our products offer the best overall value – and are an excellent choice in regulated, bidding purchase environments.

Our Mission Statement:

  1. To improve working environments in dental offices and laboratories by designing and building high quality products that promote healthy, safe working conditions by improving body posture and avoiding dust, noise and air contaminants.
  2. To deliver these high quality work environments for a price that offers the greatest value in the industry.

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