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Dental Lab Design has partnered with BDT to provide the highest quality Polymerization Baths, Air Hoses, Plaster Separators and other accessories. These highly specialized products are often quite difficult to locate and purchase. BDT manufacturers their products to the highest quality specifications, ensuring that they will work best in your dental Laboratory. Order these products through Dental Lab Design to make sure you have the right product – without any hassles.

BDT Product Portfolio Available through FUSA Dental, a US-based
manufacturer of dental lab benches,technician workstations
and utility benches or islands.
Polymerization Bath
Polymerization Baths are made out of stainless steel, so are durable and easily maintained. These bathes include electronic water level control, microchronometer, continuous temperature control, built-in air sockets and indirect heating (no calcination of heating elements). Several different sizes and configurations are available. Learn more from BDT >>
Air Hose – Return Motion Devices
Air Hose – Return Motion Devices are compact units that can be installed virtually anywhere. It has a defined stop when hose is pulled out to full length. A slight jolt returns the air gun back into its receptacle. Tubing is 6/3 mm. Learn more from BDT >>
Plaster Separators or Plaster Traps
Plaster Separators or Plaster Traps offer a sealed, 4-chamber clarification system ideal to contain plaster waste in a clean, efficiently designed disposal system. The transparent container makes it easy to visually monitor sludge levels, helping to avoid over filling. A foil inlay and snap-shut closing system helps avoid spillage. Learn more from BDT >>
Gas Fittings
Gas Fittings are available in a variety of fittings with one or two hose nipples. One nipple units are used with a fixed installation (copper tube), with the second nipple used for a connection hose to a Bunsen burner. Units with two nipples are solely used with flexible safety gas tubing. Ø 10 mm (drill hole Ø 40 mm) is required. Learn more from BDT >>

To learn more about the Dental Lab products described above, please contact FUSA Dental.

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