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Werksitz ergonomic dental chairs are built with precision. Sitting on this chair quickly reveals that quality is the top priority. As part of this pledge to quality, these chairs are produced with a certified quality management system has that has addressed the DIN EN ISO 9001 requirements for years. Werksitz chair quality lives up to the highest demands, so has become an important strategic partner for FUSA Dental. Werksitz chairs facilitate dynamic sitting positions due to their ergonomic design, resulting in less fatigue and better upper and lower back support.

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        WS 9211          WS 1010        WS 1220E

Disability Dental Lab Chair.
This chair is intended for
person missing lower limbs.

Disability Dental Lab Chair.
This chair is intended for
people suffering from epilepsy
and to prevent them, in case
of a seizure not to fall off the chair.

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